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It is the mission of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling to advance knowledge and excellence in education and clinical practice in psychology, counseling, and related professional fields.

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We’re excited to introduce the new IAPC UK site, for our members in the United Kingdom. Includes the UK Professional Register.

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Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the website of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling (IAPC), a non-profit Professional Association dedicated to excellence in education and clinical practice. Our Association is:

Interdisciplinary – Membership is open to professionals in the fields of counseling, psychology, marriage and family therapy, psychiatry, school counseling, rehabilitation counseling, social work, behavioral medicine, substance abuse counseling, and related professional fields dedicated to helping people address challenges of the human condition. Many of our members are licensed and/or certified in more than one area of practice or specialization.
International – The IAPC was founded on a deep respect for the diversity of human cultures, religious beliefs, ideologies, and world views.  Our mission is to improve and expand professional services through education and research. We understand that many personal issues, relationship concerns, and life challenges are universal, but that effective solutions require an understanding of the unique cultural traditions of each community and country. IAPC has a growing global membership in more than three dozen countries.
Professionally focused – As a learned society of scholars and clinicians, we believe in the validation of outcomes utilizing data-informed scientific rigor and other methods of reasoned inquiry. We value curiosity and innovation, critical thinking over indoctrination.  We oppose all forms of racism, cultural bias, discrimination, suppression of knowledge, and cancellation. We believe in the open and shared exchange of ideas and experiences for the betterment of humanity.
On behalf of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling, thank you for your support!


Caroline Ourso
IAPC Member Services

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