It is the mission of the International Association of Psychology and Counseling to advance knowledge and excellence in education and clinical practice in psychology, counseling, and related professional fields.

Vision & Values

  • Build an inclusive professional association that is global in scope, devoted to excellence in education and clinical practice. Create a positive and lasting impact within psychology, counseling, and related professional fields.

  • Promote discourse and the open exchange of ideas in a respectful manner. Inspire curiosity and innovation. Strive to validate outcomes utilizing data-informed scientific rigor and other methods of scholarly and reasoned inquiry.

  • Increase understanding of the diversity of human cultural traditions, ideologies, religious faiths, values, and experiences. Promote cooperation for the common good of humanity.

  • Promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences to advance knowledge. Provide educational opportunities and support the professionals in their efforts to help individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities address challenges of the human condition.

  • Actively oppose all forms of cultural and racial bias, discrimination, and cancellation. Promote critical thinking over indoctrination.

  • Act with integrity and adhere to the highest ethical standards. Treat people fairly and with respect in all dealings.