Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  1. What is the purpose of the Oxford Institute?
    The Oxford Institute is organized as a small international gathering of practicing mental health professionals, educators, graduate students, and others who share an interest in couple and family therapy issues. It combines a professional development event with a “cultural immersion” experience.

  2. How large is the institute?
    From the beginning, the Institute has remained by design a small event. For 2022, we are limiting the size to 60 participants. This size allows the Institute to offer a personal experience for participants. If you are seeking the anonymity of a large conference, the Oxford Institute is probably not for you. The institute is a truly international event and provides a unique “networking” opportunity with colleagues from the USA, England, and other countries. In recent years, we have had international participants from the UK, Germany, Turkey, Malaysia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mexico, Bahamas, China, and Taiwan. The Institute promises to provide unique experiences that past participants have found personally and professionally enriching. Each year, the Institute includes a number of returning attendees.

  3. Who may attend?
    The Oxford Institute is open to graduate students and professionals in psychology, social work, counseling, marriage & family therapy, and related fields – and others (e.g. educators) who share an interest in family counseling/therapy education, training, supervision, practice issues, as well as international practice issues. The Institute can accommodate spouses, family members, and travel companions.

  4. I would like to present a program in Oxford, how do I go about submitting a proposal?
    All Oxford Institute presentation submissions are “peer-reviewed” and selected by the Oxford Institute Academic Program Committee. Program presentations must relate to some aspect of couple or family therapy training, education, and practice.  We also consider topics that relate to couple and family counseling supervision, school counseling, substance abuse treatment and recovery, working with special populations, ethics, and family issues relating to cultural diversity. The Institute strives to balance professional learning opportunities with cultural immersion experiences. As such, program presentation space is limited and program selection is selective. However, every effort is made to accommodate participants who wish to share their knowledge and expertise. In addition to content sessions, the Oxford Institute also offers a “poster session” for presentation and informal discussion of clinical and research topics.

    Prospective presenters should email the proposal submission form, along with other registration forms included in this packet to for review by the program selection committee. In the event a program is not practicable due to time constraints, etc. – we will attempt to combine program proposals that share a common theme, including panel presentations on critical issues. All presenters MUST register for the Institute and will be acknowledged in final program materials.

  5. What does the institute registration fee cover?
    The cost of the Oxford Institute includes six nights of housing with daily breakfast, and access to all Institute programs and events. The cost of airfare, ground transportation to Oxford, lunch and dinner, and incidental expenses are not included in the institute registration fee. A “non-housing” registration option is also available for participants who wish to arrange their own accommodations.

  6. What if I wish to extend my stay and travel on my own?
    In past years, many participants have engaged in independent travel before and/or after the dates of the Institute – often with other Institute participants. The Institute organizers have traveled extensively throughout the UK and Europe and will be glad to offer suggestions and facilitate connections with other Institute participants who share common interests.

  7. I don’t want to be just a “tourist,” will I have a chance to meet and interact with people from England and other countries?
    Absolutely! – British people (and Institute participants!) are very friendly and you will have ample opportunity to meet and interact with people who live in the UK, as well as participants from other countries. A number of long-standing friendships and professional relationships trace their origins to initial Oxford Institute events and gatherings.

  8. I have additional questions, who should I contact?
    If you have any questions concerning the Oxford Institute, travel to the UK, and/or suggestions for independent travel before or after the Institute dates, please contact us at